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Welcome to Shadowstorm!
Greetings visitor,

Welcome to the site of Shadowstorm, a 25-man progressive casual raiding guild on Eonar, Horde faction. Casual and progressive means simply that we don't set high demands on raid attendance nor hold to any progress schedule, but do require people to bring a certain level of playing required for successfully progressing in raids. We'll get there in our own time, and with as much fun as possible.

On this site you'll find various public information about us, primarily on the Forums. If you are already aware of who we are and wish to be a part of it, you'll find the "Apply for membership" button on the right side, just above the Recruitment box. A quick explanation about the Recruitment box; to the right of each class name will find whether recruitment is "High", "Open" or "Low" indicating the priority level for these classes. You are advised to read some of the helpful tips and guidelines on the public forums under Application Information, you will also there find a list of the specific specs we are looking for though if you are of a different spec you may always try your luck. Keep in mind our gear level is Cataclysm Heroic/Justice Points geared or better. If you just want to give us a "hi", the public forums are also at your disposal :-).

Happy gaming!

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Jan 24, 2009 at 04:31 PM
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Specializations of the Recruitment Box

Our recruitment box sadly does not specify which specializations we need, and that might be interesting for some to know, so, here is a list with what we are looking for primarily. Keep in mind that primarily does not mean exclusively, we might still accept you with your current spec. Your chances are simply better when it's the specialization we want.

- Death Knight - High on Tank, Closed on DPS
- Druid - Closed on Restoration, Low on Feral dps, Medium on Feral tank, High on Balance
- Mage - Low on any DPS
- Paladin - Medium on Holy, Medium on Protection
- Shaman - Closed on Restoration, Closed on Enhancement, Medium on Elemental
- Warlock - High on any DPS

Alyssi / Oct 11, 2011
Were kept up so we could all chat! There is now a public forum thread that even guest members can participate in and share fond memories etc of SS in the "good old days" so please check it out and contribute :)
There is also a new poll in the sidebox and I will be trying to hop on here to moderate it all far more often.

Alyssi/Maiana over and out <3