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Alyssi / Oct 11, 2011
Were kept up so we could all chat! There is now a public forum thread that even guest members can participate in and share fond memories etc of SS in the "good old days" so please check it out and contribute :)
There is also a new poll in the sidebox and I will be trying to hop on here to moderate it all far more often.

Alyssi/Maiana over and out <3
Dorander / Apr 15, 2011
... I believe Al'Akir has died!

I ride my phoenix every night and day

now that we have cleared all the raids!

Well okay, so we still need to do it on 25-man. I also don't ride my phoenix all the time since we *also* hit guildlevel 25 and the Kor'kron Annihilator is much cooler. However, we had another unofficial run to Throne of the Four Winds and we killed Al'Akir... didn't even take very long. Whoever said that fight is easier on 25-man...

Anyways. Here's a screenshot of us floating on the remains of Al'Akir, which is... just a heap of air. Really.

EDIT: We also got him on 25 that very same week... Dor slacks at updating the news so it is a tiny footnote for now :P
Dorander / Apr 11, 2011
I've pretty much written all I have to say about the Nefarian fight when we killed him on 10-man a few days ago. This weekend, rather than extending our ID, we reset the dungeons, starting with Bastion of Twilight and then moving on to Blackwing Descent and due to a few speedbumps we didn't reach Nefarian till Sunday.

So we went in and killed him.

Honestly there's not much more to say about it. After all those weeks of practice, we went in on Sunday and one-shot the bastard. All that time practicing paid off, the mood was good, everyone had vengeful thoughts about the big lizard and was convinced it was time for him to die. So he did.

We followed up with Throne of the Four Winds. We'd killed the Conclave of Wind (Lootclave more like it) on 10-man a few times already, and they were similarly easy on 25-man. Took two tries since we had a few people aboard who'd never done it but yay, a few new belts. Next up is Al'Akir to complete all the normal challenges!

Here's a picture of a dead dragon. Yes I'm the bug in the middle, I like that item:

EDIT: Dor's spelling sucks D:
Dorander / Apr 06, 2011
I personally love those fights where, if somebody does something wrong, you have real trouble defeating the boss. For me, it seperates the good raiders from the bad, the people who have actual raid awareness from those who don't and basically bumble through content.

Nefarian is pretty much such a fight. It's part DPS race, part healing race, part movement skills and part tactical play (positions, interrupts etc.) and where each of these things are inherently simple, losing a person (especially a healer) can mean the difference between killing or wiping.

As a 25-man guild we've mostly practiced this fight on 25-man, which means you need a bit more power generally but have more resources at your disposal as you have more people. This also means that, as above, you have more people who can potentially mess up, so doing Nefarian on 10-man felt quite different from what we do on 25-man. While this entire 10-man group has done very well, special kudos to Firdonthor and his turtle for some pro add handling in phase one (on 25-man you just have 3 tanks, so interesting learning curve this was).

The initial tries showed that this group setup had definite potential for a kill, we'd been practicing on 25-man long enough, everyone knew the tactics, just a matter of getting it right. It took about two hours, which is decent time (enough to pop to Conclave of Loot afterwards even), resulting in a solid kill of the big bad dragon. Here's the screenshot of the killing team:

Oh I'm the bug in the middle.

Dorander / Mar 14, 2011
Choo-choo is pretty much my pet name for Cho'gall. The reference to the first part of his name is obvious, and he generally spouts nothing but repetitive noise. When he talks all I hear is "choo choo, chugga chugga chugga chugga".

Anyways, it's been a while since we had anything new to report. Some people quit the game, some new people have stepped up to fill their shoes and we welcome them all. We shall abuse them greatly and hope they enjoy it :P.

We'd gotten really only one proper night of Cho'gall practice before and that was no great success as we had only 24 people. We had a few off-nights of practice in 10-man which definitely honed our skills for those involved but a lot of people still hadn't done it, including our new tank on his first Cataclysm raid. Yes, he went splut ignonimously a few times.

The raid actually went very smooth, bringing us to Cho'gall in 1.5 hours with no wipes, just a few accidental deaths. I figured, we'd take a short break and get some proper practice in, figuring we might need some more. Well, we did, but that practice turned out to mostly involve phase 2. Barring a few accidental tank deaths which the healers got sorted, the attempts showed marked progress, bringing us first closer to phase 2, then into phase 2, and on what was likely going to be the final try of the night, in true Shadowstorm tradition, we killed the big ugly cow. No offense to any Tauren out there.

Also, there's a screenshot!

Congratulations Shadowstorm!
Dorander / Mar 01, 2011
We mentioned before we might redo the theme, and I got a personal secretary to do so who's much better at this than I am. I hope you all like it.

There's not much to report in terms of progress, we're bashing our heads against Nefarian and Cho'gall and hope to announce their deaths soon! For now, we'll just announce their imminent deaths.

P.S. My personal secretary pointed out to me that I "got a personal secretary to do *it*" rather than "a personal secretary to do." It was written in total innocence I swear!